zPesa Online money solutions offer very attractive pricing for all types of transactions. Our aim is to find a perfect solution for all online money needs that you may conveniently and swiftly scale meet your future needs.

At zPesa, honesty is a way of life. We pride in being 100% transparent about our charges and the entire business process. The following table shows our different Rate and charges. Please note that charges are calculated off the amount we receive in our PayPal Account. You are responsible for paying the charges from your account to Ours.

Fees for zPesa Transactions
No Transaction Fees
1 zPesa Account Opening Free
2 Withdrawing PayPal to Mobile Money 4+6.8%
3 Loading zPesa to Paypal 6.8%
4 Loading Mobile Money to zPesa Free
5 Withdrawing PayPal to zPesa $2%
6 Withdrawing zPesa to Mobile Money $4.8%
7 Closing zPesa Account Free
8 PayPal Verified Account $15

*PLEASE NOTE: Withdraws are effected in 3 working Days. Withdraws made on weekends or public holiday will be processed the next working day and may take longer to clear.