Withdraw Your PayPal Money

You can withdraw your PayPal balance to your zPesa Account. Your money is then ready to be transferred to Mobile Money or as you wish

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Load PayPal
from your zPesa

zPesa allows you to load your Paypal account. Simply add funds to your zPesa then use the "Deposit into PayPal" menu

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Loading zPesa
from your Mobile Money

You can top up your zPesa using Mobile Money and then use zPesa to load PayPal or as you wish.

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zPesa to Mobile Money
instant Cash out

You can convert your zPesa balance into Mobile Money or even deposit it to your Bank.

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How it works?

Withdraw PayPal in 3 simple steps
choose an option
of what you need to do
Follow the instructions
in under 2 minutes
Wait for a confirmation
As easy as that.

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We take pleasure in helping businesses and individuals meet their payment needs.

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Find the Right Solution
for you or your business.

zPesa offers several solutions for you and your businesses. We are pleased to help you in the best way you need .

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zPesa provides a simple system for users to make PayPal to mobile money withdraw

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